A Frontal Assault: Remember stillness

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From: A Sparring Bout!

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You've held your footing in maelstroms; maintained your focus while all about you was raging. Draw on those moments when you enter the next bout.

Unlocked with Sparring: Engaged in a Bout [friend's name], Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said

Locked with Sparring: The Current Bout 2

Your friend needs Sparring: Engaged in a Bout [your name], Sparring: The Current Bout at most 1

When Sent

Full awareness

Your stillness will be intimidating. You will waste no energy. They will strike, you will slip; and then you will retaliate.

Envelopesmall.png You completed a Social Event: A Sparring Bout! with [friend's name]

In Messages Tab

Your friend will receive:

Sidebardangeroussmall.png [Your name] breathes slowly and deeply. They moves efficiently as they focus on winning this bout.

Redirects to: A Sparring Bout!

Challenge Results

Winner will receive:

Your sparring bouts with [Loser] continue. You bested them, and obliged them to cry: "Hold, enough!"

Loser will receive:

Your sparring bouts with [Winner] continue. Your strength was not enough to match theirs; you were the one obliged to cry: "Enough."