A Grey Man and His Dog, Far Off

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You glimpse a pair of figures outside [Pub], strolling away from what is about to be a formidable brawl.

Hinterlandcity.png [City Name] will accept almost anyone – and yet those two give you a chill. They don't belong here. [...] not [...] tourists or citizens or tradesmen.

Description summary:
The name of the pub varies based on the city's Official Alignment and Founding Body.

Foundation Pub Name
Alignment Furnace Furnace, Starved Cornelius Your Double Manager’s Double
Liberationist The Dark Lamp The Attenuated Swan The Peligin Hart The Crown and Anchoress The Black Lens
Radical Liberationist
Prehistoricist The Triple Bird The Pallid Hound The Mammoth and Castle The Marrow The Clay Raptor
Radical Prehistoricist
Emancipationist The Beehive The Enervated Hart The Staff and Skeleton The Butcher's Table The Rose and Horned Crown
Radical Emancipationist
Anti-Liberationist The Boiled Swan The Elongated Lion The Frost-Moth The Black King The Fidgeting Mermaid
Balanced The Red King
Complacently Unrevolutionary The White King

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Unlocked with Exploration of a Hinterland City exactly 5, Habituated to the Hinterland 3

Storylet appears in The City of the Tracklayers

This storylet autofires once all the prerequisites are met.

You cannot leave this storylet without playing any branches.


Suppress that ridiculous apprehension