Exploration of a Hinterland City

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How well do you know the city? And have you defended it from the forces that threaten it?

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Unlocked with


5: Seeking the City
7: Familiar with the Man and his Wolf
10-12: Observing the Outlines of Conflict
15: Seeing Attrition in the City
25: Seeking an Audience with the City Mind
30 - 32: Warned against the Wolf
35 - 45: Obliged to speak to the Creditor
47: Performing an experiment on the Sun-Blazoned Cuirass
50: Taking a Proposal to the Agents of the Bazaar
60 - 65: Settling Matters with the City of London
70: Tracking the Grey Man
80: Imprisoning a Grey Man
90: Towing a Grey Man to Hell
100: Accomplished in All Goals

Level Change Descriptions

5: You now have business at the city of the Tracklayers.
7: You have begun to observe the things that threaten the City.
10-12: You have an idea of the battle lines in the city.
15: The city is struggling with the influence of the Grey Man.
25: It is clear you will need to speak with the City itself.
30 - 32: You have been warned of lupine dangers.
35 - 45: It seems this matter will not be resolved until you have spoken with the Creditor.
47: You will need to visit your laboratory.
50 - 55: There are matters that can only be resolved if you speak to the Bazaar's agents.
60 - 65: The Grey Man remains at large. You will need to speak with London itself.
70: It is time to return to the Tracklayers' City and look for the Grey Man there.
80: The Grey Man is trapped.
90: The Grey Man is trapped, but you will not be able to remove him entirely without the aid of Hell.
100: You have left the Tracklayers' City free to take its own course.