A Grey Man and a Spindlewolf

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They're not moving as quickly, this time. The man has stopped to speak to [a passenger].

Description summary:
The identity of the passenger varies based on your Airs of Passengers.

Airs of PassengersPassenger
0a person in a dove-grey suit
1001 - 1029a lady in a blue gown
1030 - 1049a gentleman in a grey silk waistcoat
1050 - 1059a Rubbery man in fawn-coloured gloves
1060 - 1064a Gondolier of upper rank with the uniform to prove it
1065 - 1069an agent of the Bazaar
1070 - 1079a judge from the Evenlode
1080 - 1089a friend of the Veteran Privy Counsellor
1090 - 1099a very bureaucratic-looking man
1100 - 1109a woman dressed in Bohemian style but very expensive fabrics
1110 - 1119a man with a briefcase covered with Correspondence sigils
1120 - 1124a man in a very thick fur coat
1125 - 1129a woman with a mink stole
1130a determined Baroness with a hand-stamped letter of recommendation to the gates of Hell
2001 - 2049a mushroom-farmer
2050 - 2059a Rubbery man dressed for the factory
2060 - 2069a down-at-heels ex-Gondolier
2070 - 2074an escapee from the prisons of the Evenlode
2075 - 2136a speechless woman with a lamp affixed to her hand
3001 - 3009a scholar in Benthic robes
3010 - 3024a palaeontologist (bag of tools uncouthly on the table)
3025 - 3049a scholar in Summerset robes
3050 - 3059a scholar of Rubbery linguistics
3060 - 3064a professor interested in the sociology of the Gondoliers
3065 - 3069an archaeologist investigating the Sere Palace
3070 - 3130a legal scholar of the Evenlode
4001 - 4009a determined-looking Tracklayer
4010 - 4019a Tracklayer wearing the insignia of the Prehistoricists
4020 - 4049a solicitor employed by the Tracklayers' Union
4050 - 4059a Rubbery man in a Tracklayer's uniform
4060 - 4069a Tracklayer recruited from the Gondoliers
4070 - 4079a burly Tracklayer
4080 - 4089a wiry Tracklayer
4090 - 4099a scrawny Tracklayer
4100 - 4109a Tracklayer with a book of psalms
4110 - 4119a Tracklayer with thick protective boots
4120 - 4129a Tracklayer who hasn't bothered removing her helmet
4130 - 4137a Tracklayer in fire-proof gloves
5001 - 5009a vicar
5010 - 5024a deacon
5025 - 5039a rector
5040 - 5049a lay preacher
5050 - 5059a lay theologist translating the Bible to Rubbery speech
5060 - 5069the vicar-sailor of the floating Church of Saint Barbara
5070 - 5079a prison chaplain
5080 - 5089a dour-looking rector
5090 - 5099a factory chaplain
5100 - 5109a lay preacher of the Church in the Wild
5110 - 5119a Church historian
5120 - 5124a monk in black robes
5125 - 5129a Follower of the Anchoress
5130 - 5138a militant preacher against devils
10001 - 10009a sardonic-looking Devil
10010 - 10019a grim-looking Devil
10020 - 10029a glum Deviless
10030 - 10049a smug Deviless
10050 - 10059an expert in Rubbery souls
10060 - 10130one of the regulars of the Fiddler's Scarlet

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Unlocked with Exploration of a Hinterland City 7-8, Habituated to the Hinterland 4

Storylet appears in The City of the Tracklayers

This storylet autofires once all the prerequisites are met.

You cannot leave this storylet without playing any branches.


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