A Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd

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From: The Wreckers' Cove

Action Cost: 0

A horse's screaming skull strapped to the front of a velocipede frame. What madman would create such a thing? What fool would discard it?

Game Instructions: Equipped in your Transport slot, the Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd increases your Dangerous and Bizarre.

Unlocked with Steal.png Picking Through the Wreckers' Cove 26-28

Locked with Hallowmass.png 1 x Semi-Automated Mary Lloyd


Almost perfect working condition

[…] flipping the dreadful thing onto its saddle allows you to check the mechanics. The pedals turn; the wheel spins; the skull's jaw clacks open and shut merrily. […]

The brakes seem to do nothing, but this is a trivial concern […].

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