A Seven-Times-Exiled Parliamentarian's Guide to Electioneering (40 Chthonic Scrip)

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From: The Shopkeeper's Marquee of Mystification

On the occasion of London's first Mayoral Election, and against all legal advice, the Seven-Times-Exiled Parliamentarian published his thoughts on the art of campaigning.

The Bazaar is still trying to sell the remaindered copies of his book.

Game Instructions: The Guide is Watchful, Shadowy and Bizarre.

Unlocked with Currency3 gold.png 40 x Chthonic Scrips

Locked with Bookred.png A Seven-Times-Exiled Parliamentarian's Guide to Electioneering


For every occasion, a rule, and for every rule, an occasion

The pages are vellum, the bindings velvet. […] Delightful engravings depict Londoners in the business of democracy. […]

[…] The pages on corruption offer many examples – plying voters with alcohol, the use of pigments on public ballots […] "Somewhat obsolete," […]

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