A Tempestuous Astronomer

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From: An Encounter at the Feast

Charlatans prowl the avenues of Tyrant's Gardens. […] But this one is different – one of the blind scholars of the Observatory. He pushes scornfully past the mountebanks […]. "The stars are dying," he says. "They do not see. Maybe you will."

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Game Instructions: The Tempestuous Astronomer is Watchful, Persuasive and Bizarre.

Unlocked with Adoration.png 40 x Masquing

Locked with Blindfoldedemissary.png Tempestuous Astronomer


A Celestial Stratagem

He arranges a meeting at Dante's. […]

[…] "It's not enough to watch the stars. One must entreat with them." […] he details his plans for a new Society of like-minded fellows, free from the shackles of conventional academia, and from spiders.

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