A Voting Booth of Your Very Own (50 Chthonic Scrip)

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From: The Shopkeeper's Marquee of Mystification

Secret ballots proved to be a short lived disaster in the election of 1894. False moustaches are now outlawed. Private voting booths are now being sold off by the Bazaar to recoup the loss.

Game Instructions: The Voting Booth is a Home Comfort that will increase your Shadowy.

Unlocked with Currency3 gold.png 50 x Chthonic Scrips

Locked with Ballotbox.png Voting Booth of One's Own



The Shopkeeper chuckles […] when you select the voting booth. "More of a souvenir than anything, now. Though I remember these being put to use in more than a few merry japes. I understand the Young Stags' Club bought fifty-seven of them back in '97."

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