A conversation in the Medusa's Head

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From: A Development in the Cumberbold Case

The Blind Bruiser bites his lip in evident frustration. His enforcer, battered from your assault, flees as you approach, slamming the door closed on his way out.

Unlocked with Mask.png 2 x An Identity Uncovered!, Manacles.png 1 x Favours: Criminals, Heart.png Family and Law 400

Locked with Papers3.png Evidence in the Cumberbold Case


A pleasant conversation

[…] "Not many call him 'Cumberbold' these days. Mostly he goes by 'the Mute'. Discreet, see? He puts murderers in touch with them as want someone murdered. Or so I hear. I've never needed his services, myself […] Now p__s off out of my pub." […]

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