A drinking contest with a ballerina

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From: Drink from your Engraved Pewter Tankard

No one knows why the Voiceless Dancer chooses to drink in the Blind Helmsman, but here she is again. This time, she's gesturing grandly, challenging other patrons to a drinking contest. Hardened zailors glance uncertainly at each other.

Game Instructions: This will substantially increase Forceful and decrease Subtle; and consume your Tankard.

Unlocked with Bear.png Dangerous 250, Quirkforceful.png Forceful 12-14


A night of legend

You unhook your lucky pewter tankard and have at it. The Dancer beams […]. Twenty-five [drinks later], and she topples slowly from her chair. […] You wait politely until she recovers consciousness. […] you realise she's taken your tankard with her.

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