A funeral for Shipwreck Joe

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From: Drink from your Engraved Pewter Tankard

What's that, the fourth time this month he's floated ashore? Never mind. It's an excuse for a party.

Game Instructions: Spend all your Favours: The Docks to gain Renown. The more Favours you have, the more Renown you will gain.

Unlocked with Ship.png 3 x Favours: The Docks

Locked with Ship.png Renown: The Docks 8


Drinks through the night

"I saw the island this time," cackles Shipwreck Joe, sitting in his ceremonial coffin. "Almost made it past in one pieces! […]"

The zailors nod at you across the room, […]. Joe was a respected captain, once. One eye, a nose, two legs and an arm ago.

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