A greedy thud at the window

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From: Visitors at Hallowmas

A pulpous intrusion! A Rubbery Man's staring face presses against the glass. A pearlescent cicatrice pulses like a fevered moon. Is he hungry?

Unlocked with Hallowmass.png Season: Hallowmas, Fish white.png 3 x Tiny Cave Fish, Waves.png Putting the Pieces Together: the Drownies 1, Appallingsecret.png Seeking Mr Eaten's Name 1, Sidebarmakingwaves.png Making Waves 5, Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares 5


"What is the name?"

How did he come by that pale scar? Has he partaken of the Drowning Feast? Certainly he has the touch. The hunger is on him. He guzzles your fish: for a moment you think he will consume the jars as well.