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From: Ambition: Nemesis 34 - A Little Talk

' - he was putting on a show of bravery, but he was afraid of me. We had a little time to talk.'


Do what you will

'[…]"[…]I was paid to kill them. And to lead you on a very specific chase, a chase that ended up here. […]

'"[…]I've written down what I can remember […] in that envelope. And that knife is...[…] the knife I used. […] Do what you will."'

Description summary:
Scathewick confesses to the murder. He was hired to do it and to lead you on this chase. He doesn't know who paid and why. He's tired of the whole thing and wants it to end. He's written down everything he remembers about financing the murder, and gives you the knife that he had used.

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