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From: Where can the notable beasts be found?

Mr. Inch would be happy to speak to you about the location of fierce creatures. Perhaps over a bottle of wine. Or a case.

Unlocked with 12 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882


'Now, let us see...'

[…] 'One hears of a goat demon loose in the Flit. Spider-council hunting is best performed near Wolfstack Docks. And if you can stomach hunting prey of a more... anthropological nature, find me in Veilgarden. Cheers!'

Description summary:
Find the Fungus-column and white marsh wolves at Watchmaker's Hill, Rattus Faber brigands in Spite, a goat demon in the Flit, Spider-councils near Wolfstack Docks, and "prey of a more anthropological nature" at Veilgarden.

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