Accept a Volume of Collated Research

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From: Propose a Pertinent Point

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Description summary:
The description varies based on your Debate Angle.

Debate AngleDescription
1A tiny spider with a brindled-pattern on its cephalothorax sidles up to you. "You've taught them to take us seriously. Please. Have this." It hands you a bundle of ancient-looking documents. "I've memorised the contents."
2The vast spider looks down on you from above. "They begin to remember their place. Have this." It drops a bundle of ancient-looking documents down to you.
3A greying spider, more whiskers than body, sidles up to you. "You are an adequate student. A rare pleasure. Perhaps this will aid your studies."

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Unlocked with Chelicerae Clicked in Applause 10


A bound volume

The spiders did not collate this – the writing is in a human hand. The points it makes are entirely unrelated […] But you can surely find a use for it.

Around you, the spiders jostle and stir. […] Could the Symposium be approaching a conclusion?

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