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The symposium is discussing language. But what aspect? Its relationship to thought? Parts of speech? The nature of meaning? How it relates to truth, or reality?


Description summary:
The first and third paragraphs vary based on your Debate Angle, and the last paragraph varies based on the number of Chelicerae Clicked in Applause.

Debate AngleFirst Paragraph
1You have scrambled onto a boulder […] you would have a commanding view of the room, were it not for the lack of light. It is perhaps for the best – the fixed gazes of the thousands of young spiders you assist in debate could throw you off your stride.
2You cling to the web beside the Titan. From the ceiling, you would have a commanding view of the room […] Perhaps it's for the best – not being able to see the hunger of your audience will make for easier confidence in speaking.
3The scholars in their prime have arrayed themselves on levels around the chamber as if it were an amphitheatre. To speak for them, you need only stand at the front of one wall. From there, you have hundreds of spiders before you – and at your back.
Debate AngleThird Paragraph
1"Yes," chitters a spider the size of your foot. Its pedipalps wave forlornly.
2"Yes," whispers the isolated titan. You can barely hear its voice over the rustle of so many spiders, constantly shifting.
3"Yes," snaps a rose-red scholar, clearly not entirely enthusiastic about the subject matter.
CheliceraeFourth Paragraph
0 - 14You are a novelty here, and are permitted to speak.
15 - 29A small gaggle of bright-blue spiders whisper urgently, then flee into the pits of darkness at the cavern edges.
30 - 44Can a spider blush? Certainly, the way this whiskered ancient is waving its pedipalps suggests a certain embarrassment.
45 - 59A spider adorned with several scarlet spines rattles them in disagreement. It is clicked into silence.
60 - 74Unable to come up with a suitable riposte, one spider begins spinning a spiral web from the ceiling. All is well until it sticks a thread to the leg of a neighbour. The rest of the Symposium pointedly ignores their squabble.
75? - 89Thousands of eyes turn to a spider speaking in opposition to your allies. It, in turn, glares at you – but it has no point in rebuttal of your own.
90 - 109A dozen purple-haired spiders turn to the bulbous, bile-green arachnid behind them. It has not, as far as you can tell, done anything to cause affront. They are merely manoeuvring to direct attention elsewhere.
110 - 177A silver spider the size of a cart horse clears its throat to speak. Silence falls, then nothing. Has it fallen asleep? Died, mid thought? Or merely realised it has no point to make?
181 - 234You cannot see the spider that speaks next, or even make out its words. But a whisper comes from the depths of the chamber, one which sets the other spiders shifting uneasily. Did this hidden spider approve of your words, or scorn them?
235 - 399Several spiders are ostentatiously weaving. They have stood down from the argument, and wait to see who dares to go against you.
400 - 609The chamber is unsettlingly quiet, for something so filled with living creatures. Everyone present waits for your next word, hoping for something they can tear apart, or, perhaps, that will simply bolster their own opinions.
610+All the spiders, even your allies, are staring. You have brought to their chamber a philosophical mind and linguistic facility that they are ill-equipped to oppose.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Add your voice to that of the smaller spiders, Align with the isolated titan or Speak for the self-proclaimed 'scholars in their prime'

Storylet appears in The Singing Mandrake



Suggest that thought shapes language


Posit that language makes reality


Suggest that they define knowledge

The Academic Mood


Pass the floor to a spider inadequately prepared for debate ( Mood 0 - 25)


Probe them on the nature of truth ( Mood 0 - 49)


Suggest that language shapes thought ( Mood 50 - 100)

Claim rewards


Accept a Volume of Collated Research


Accept some handma— some silk


Accept the contents of a small cocoon


Accept the contents of a large cocoon


Accept some of the finest linen