Accept a share of the crates cleared out of Saint Cyriac's Illuminated College

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From: Intervene in a Dockers' Brawl

You do have the impression this is the crate the owner can most easily spare.

Unlocked with Brawling with Dockers 50, Taking Sides at a Brawl 1-9


Clearing out the crypt

The brawlers give way, finally, […].

It appears that Saint Cyriac's has […] recently seen fit to hire eradicators. This crate contains the consequences of that eradication […].

One rat was evidently held in special esteem by God's Editors. […]

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Rare Success

Clearing out the Crypt, with Jewels

[…] Nestled in the top of the pile is a delicately jewelled reliquary containing a rodent skull. […] Blessed Withernwick the Hooded, baptised first of all rodent-kind, at the Church of Saint Alban the Protomartyr in the early hours of January first, 1863.

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