Accept some of the finest linen

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From: Propose a Pertinent Point

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Description summary:
The description varies based on your Debate Angle.

Debate AngleDescription
1"We've shown that they must allow us standing to speak. Which means we won't have the time to keep working on this." The cloth slides towards you across the floor. One assumes the voice comes from the spider beneath it.
2The cloth slips from the ceiling and onto your shoulders. "It's not a gown," comes a whisper from the ancient titan. "But it should earn the respect of your peers, nonetheless."
3"Ahem." The whiskers on the spider before you vibrate softly. "We are impressed with your linguistic lucidity, your lexical cognisance. We would reward it."

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Game Instructions: This will glean you a Parabola-Linen scrap.

Unlocked with Chelicerae Clicked in Applause 610


A rare cloth

The cloth is a fragment of a greater piece[…] The twists and fronds suggest something floral, if bristling with thorns and a nightmarish colour. […]depicting a military weapon, of hellish design.

[…]It appears as if the (spider name) must have its/their way.[…]

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