Accept the contents of a large cocoon

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From: Propose a Pertinent Point

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Description summary:
The description varies based on your Debate Angle.

Debate AngleDescription
1A money spider crawls across across your knuckles and up your wrist. Its voice is too soft to hear – until it clambers onto your earlobe. "That crevice over there. We can spare the contents."
2The vast spider lowers a rocking bundle down towards you. "May this aid you more than it did me. I found its scholarly work indigestible."
3"Since you're doing such good work for us, we shall aid your own." A brown spider the size of a wine-barrel rolls a cocoon towards you. "I had been saving this, but I am willing to share with one of your prodigious talents."

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Game Instructions: This will glean you an Emetic Revelation and a Lost Research Assistant.

Unlocked with Chelicerae Clicked in Applause 235


The lucky one

You pull free the strands of web; there is a desperate gasping for air. […] a young Summerset graduate rolls free. Did the university even notice their absence?

Around you, the spiders jostle and stir. […] Could the Symposium be approaching a conclusion?

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