Accompany a passing crowd of drunken revellers

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From: The Fruits of the Zee Festival!

There is dancing and jocularity. Also beer!

Game Instructions: Your Dangerous score increases the reward.

Unlocked with Sights at the Festival 34- 66


You stagger through the streets in a laughing mob

Your new friends have an earthy wit[…] You join in their song[…]

Your throat is hoarse and your legs ache by the time the procession returns to the feasting tables. 'Beer!' someone shouts, and your party splinters in search of refreshment.

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Rare Success

Is it the beer talking?

[…] Salt of the earth! Take this fellow[…]

He has pulled his lower lip up over his nose, while his eyes bulge […] His ears! […] "Gurning", […]

Does the University know about this neglected field of facial acrobatics? They could start a new department!

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