Acquire an invitation to the Game of Knife and Candle

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From: Knife-and-Candle: The Gamekeeper's Cottage

Perhaps, by chance or fate, an Iron Knife token will find its way into your hands, and allow you to join the Game.

Game Instructions: Knife-and-Candle allows you to compete against other players for the uncertain honour of being the most successfully murderous. The Game is experimental and evolving. You need not spend Secrets if you can acquire an invite from an existing player - ask your friends, or look here for invitations.

Unlocked with Dangerous 50, 101 x Whispered Hint

Locked with A Participant in the Underground Leagues of Knife-and-Candle 1


A lazy glint

"Use it well," your contact advises, and then she slips into the river without a splash. You turn the token over in your hand. Such a small thing, to carry so many secrets. And what is that smell?

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