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From: Foyer of the Magistracy

Despite standing silently beside you, he is succeeding in making his presence very known.

Game Instructions: This will gain you Incendiary Gossip.

Unlocked with Spoken to the Usher (hidden)


Eager for an audience

Description summary:
The text varies with Airs of the Evenlode.

Wiki note: Numbers unaccounted for: 50, 58 – 59

1 – 9"Are you a regular attendee at courts? Have you visited London's finest?" The usher beams. "It's got nothing on this! We could fit three Old Bailey's in here." He's not exaggerating. The Magistracy is profligately large.
10 – 19"Just one moment, I'd love to talk to you, but..." The usher trots over to a portly gentleman in a brocade waistcoat and thick, fur coat. "Mind showing me what's in your pockets? We had a plaintiff turn Jack on us last week,[…]"
20 – 29"We've got the best police, the best lawyers and the best judges.[…] No wonder there's almost no crime around here. Now, take London..." […] much higher population, more densely packed, greater poverty[…] But of course, it is probably just down to the court.
30 – 39"If you want to visit the courts, make sure you get a pass showing you're a visitor. Don't want to be mistaken for a defendant, now. Happened to one chap – his cousin had been caught […]
40 – 49"London likes to claim we only get the trivial cases, the ones too odd for them to handle. The way they go on, they make out we only prosecute Rubberies, or something. Na, they're just jealous. Look at our surroundings […]"
51 – 57"Did you know we had a Baroness in here last week. Huge libel trial. She'd pulled strings to have it here, because we handle the better sort of cases. Anyway, the whole thing was incredibly scandalous.[…] But we can always hope for another, eh?"
60 – 69"[…] you can see what someone's here for, just by looking at them. […] That one there – serial litigant, you can tell by the eyebrows. And him, him over there – offences against public decen— ah, so sorry your honour, I didn't recognise you out of robes!"
70 – 79"You look like you belong here. No, no, of course I don't think you're the kind to be a regular litigant. I just mean you've got the look about you. The wit of a lawyer. The eye of a policeman." […]
80 – 89"You here for crime? Most people come here for crime." He gives you a knowing look. "My favourite's the cannibalism – nothing like hearing the descriptions of a man coming back from the river to find his foot being eaten."
90 – 100"Did you kn— Careful how you go!" Whatever piece of trivia the usher was about to present is cut off. A probationary constable is testing the thick slabs that might be a giant staircase down. […]

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