Ambition: Bag a Legend! – Still Speaking with Sinning Jenny

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Description summary:
The description of this storylet changes after playing the first option and gaining Frank with Jenny; see the table below.

Frank with JennyDescription
0[…] "I am glad you've come back from the Forgotten Quarter. April is an unsettling houseguest. Keeps exploding things. I'll fetch her—"

You stop her […]

"Mother Superior has died before; it's common in our order." But there's a shadow of something unsaid. […]
1Jenny has taken a step or two away from you, so that she is almost backed against her looking glass. She wishes to get on with the business of the evening, while she still has the strength for it.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Seek out Jenny at the Parlour of Virtue

Storylet appears in Veilgarden


Ask what she knows about the Mother Superior's fate
Ask to see April