An Invitation to Linger

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London sometimes seems to demand blind hurry; but every so often, the bustle of the streets slows down of its own accord, and bids us to stop and listen to the city.

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Locked with A Beneficence

Wiki note: The second paragraph varies based on the Placeholder World Quality Used for This Purpose, which changes every week on a 52 week cycle.

Placeholder World QualitySecond Paragraph
1The new year (such as it is) begins quietly, like waking up too early on a too-cold morning.
2The gaslamps waver and swirl, making the shadows on the street dance. Deviations in pressure and quality of the fuel are common.
3Scarves and long coats are in fashion, mostly out of long-obsolete habit; the air of the cavern is still and mild as ever.
4It's 'raining' – condensation dripping from the stalactites above. It falls unevenly; some homes are dry, other drenched.
5The hisses and screeches of bats – a colony has taken up residence in the eaves of a nearby church.
6London is not seismologically active – ordinarily. But sometimes, if you stand every still, you can feel a gentle swaying; as if the Neath was slowly breathing in and out.
7The Feast of the Rose is in full swing. Visitors to Tyrant's Gardens tread carefully, lest they trip over a masked tryst.
8Everyone appears to be making an effort to look especially put-together and composed, following the events of the Feast.
9A fierce tang rolls off the zee today – the stench of salt and guano.
10A small winged creature hurtles past your head, picking up speed as it vanishes over the roofline. Was that—? No. It must have been a bat.
11Devils seem to be everywhere today. Everywhere you go, you see amber eyes.
12Strange sigils, painted in ochre on a wall. Urchins compete to see who can stare at it the longest.
13A whisper from the shadows. Was that— Did someone say your name?
14A haulier winches battered crates off the back of a cart outside a warehouse.
15All the tea shops seem to be full today. Coincidence? Probably. Inconvenience? Definitely.
16A group of children chain hands and dance in a ring, singing a cheerful song about mushrooms.
17Someone moves lightly over a nearby rooftop, sticking to the shadows. Are they following you?
18Two old men sit outside a café, playing cards. Alongside the Cats, Bats, Rats, and Hats, they use some carved figurines to mark some aspect of play.
19Many prominent restaurants strike eggs from their menu at this time of year. It's simply too risky.
20Strange yips, growls, and squawks are heard all about London at this time of year.
21A vendor parks her cart across the street. Words emblazoned on the side advertise 'CAT MEAT! DOG MEAT!'
22Does the fog feel more humid today? Do you fancy that the air is a little warmer?
23The days run on like treacle. The city has acquired a listless aspect.
24The fog is thick tonight – thick enough to block out the false-stars.
25False-Summer settles over London. Nights are humid. Suits and petticoats run with sweat.
26Your nose wrinkles. There's spores in the air.
27The height of false-summer. Londoners fill their schedules with suitable activities.
28Bells ring in Saint Fiacre's at irregular intervals. The city's timekeeping is disrupted by discordant peals.
29The Stolen River is quiet and lonely. Warm light escapes from the House of Chimes, dappling the cobbles.
30Jack-of-Smiles strikes again! Blood in the gutters. Chaos on the streets. The distant whistles of the Constables.
31A swarm of cats – it can be labelled nothing less – courses down Lusitania Row in pursuit of a lone man.
32The steam-whistle of the Moloch Street Express screams in the distance. Another journey west begins.
33A flash in the corner of your eye. Has that sigil always adorned the Bazaar's flank?
34A hubbub on the edge of the city. An urchin leaps the carnival fence, cackling.
35A brisk breeze briefly dissipates the smog outside your door.
36This morning, you wake up to something sitting on your windowsill.
37Cool wind from the northern unterzee enters the city through Wolfstack Docks.
38Mme. Shoshana has thrown open the flaps of her tent, letting all in the carnival see her tarot readings; a little advertisement, perhaps.
39-40The gutters here are clogged and claggy. Liquid amber, mixed with drips from above?
41The 'leaves' are 'turning' – which is to say, Urchins are hanging red socks on windowsills and lamp-posts all over London as a sign of imminent terror.
42Ships begin arriving on Wolfstack Docks, laden with strange cargo from across the Zee, in preparation to winter in the city.
43Masked revellers throng the streets – Hallowmas is either here, or fast approaching.
44The Glasswhisper stalks the streets. Shut your doors; shut your windows; safeguard your secrets. All will be confessed.
45The spectre of Christmas rears its terrible head once again.
46Underground, little changes in the weather as the seasons shift; tradition and memory are more important than climate. But sometimes the weather does change.
47The doldrums of November are here. Newspaper-men comb the streets for depravity to report on, lest the publishers still be in the red for the year.
48Shop windows fill with festive goods – from candied mushrooms in wintery shapes to ornate glass baubles.
49Clerks, accountants, solicitors – the middle classes have a new spring in their step. The unspoken agreement has entered into effect: no real work will get done until January.
50Lacre blankets the city in white. Winter is here.
51Christmas is very nearly here, and the anticipation (and fear) in the air is palpable.
52 - 53It is the dead of winter. On the Surface, the shortest day of the year approaches. Underground, a haze of sleep falls over the city.

Card drawn in Fallen London

Occurs with Abundant Frequency (5 x as common as Standard)

Can not be discarded except by effects clearing your hand.


Stop for a moment, and watch
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    Action Cost: 0



    Time and tide

    Success Instructions: This card will be available again when Time, the Healer comes.

    • Runningsmall.png Your actions have been refreshed!
    • Smugglingsmall.png Time the Healer will unlock An Invitation to Linger again next week! (Sets A Beneficence to 1)