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From: Refresh your Consumables

There are suppliers all around London who are indebted to you. Let them furnish what you require.

Unlocked with A Vast Network of Connections Wherever the Bazaar's Influence can be Found


The items are plentiful

What, the metal? The [supplies]? A tenth of their usual price. The merchant was glad to do it, or at least he claimed to be. You own his warehouses, after all. And the townhouse where his mother lives.

Description summary:
The nature of the supplies is determined by Experimental Object.

40bessemer steel
110, 120, 130blades
140 - 160invisible and almost insoluble bonds of debt, obligation and favours
210mirrors of glass and polished metal
220dig site diagrams
230 - 250fragmentary maps and surveying equipment
310, 320, 350cogs and pinions
410, 430raw goldfish
420scarabs and legal briefs
440chilled fish
470 - 495fresh meat
510, 540calipers
520, 530, 610bone saws
810, 820chisels
910 - 990beakers
1010 - 1030, 1040, 1050parchment sheets
1210botanical drawings
1320, 1340cleaning fluid

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