Arrange for the Masters of the Bazaar to send a Christmas Card to an Acquaintance (50 FATE)

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From: Send a Christmas Card

Not all of them of course. But a festive gesture is occasionally offered by that highly notable collective body who holds authority over the city. It comes, as they say, only once a year after all.

Game Instructions: This will send your friend a festive crate of wine, a Mountain-Sherd and a benefit of the Masters, which will immediately clear them of all Nightmares and Wounds. It will also increase their Notability by one, if they already have Notability. The Masters will print a message, but there is room to include a message from you as well.

Unlocked with 1 x Potential Christmas Card

Cost: 50 FATE


No reward narrative information available for Fate-locked actions.

When Sent

You will receive:

Your friend will receive: