Assault the Citadel of Vineyards

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From: Within the Castle of Forests

The unbroken fortress of the Fingerkings. It will not yield to you, but an assault will draw your enemy out from the labyrinth and into the open.

Unlocked with Flag.png 5 x Campaign Morale

Locked with Drum.png Advance! 24

Challenge information

Broad, Owl.png Watchful Unknown Difficulty Level


The Prisoners of Vine

The Citadel has seven gates and three walls. Each is clogged with the dead relics of Fingerkings lost to the Is. […]


Below, […] The Cats have moved into the open – directly below your artillery. […] When the smoke clears, your enemy is in retreat.

Description summary:
The middle paragraph varies with Cannon.png Parabolan Grenadiers

Cannon.png Parabolan Grenadiers 2nd paragraph
The Pale League of Irem One day the Pale League of Irem shall be a hammer blow upon the corded Gates of Remembrance. On that day […] the dead Fingerkings shall rise […] and the roses shall be planted in the eyes of the doomed. This is not that day. But one day it will have been.
The 77th Queen's Own Hussars The Queen's 77th Hussars have known gates stronger […] they have known a scent of roses both more fair and far more foul than the flowers of the Castle of Forests. Wiping away tears, the simulacra […] let fire a terrible remembrance of the War on Hell.
The Order Speculorum Jenny of Flowerdene Market approaches the […] gates, carrying only her crystal ball. And then she is legion […] Jenny has […] collected all that remains of her once and former colleagues. Great silverers […] And now she unleashes them upon the Citadel […]

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