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From: Your Labour, and its Fruits

A precision job – you'll need to both watch carefully, and do so without distracting them, to learn what to do. Once you have, you'll still need a little magnifying loupe.

Challenge information

Broad, Shadowy 178

  • 122 - very chancy (41%)
  • 152 - chancy (51%)
  • 181 - modest (61%)
  • 211 - very modest (71%)
  • 241 - low-risk (81%)
  • 270 - straightforward (91%)
  • 297 - straightforward (100%)


Like, well, clockwork

Most of the rats here are working on clockwork[…]Some are commissioned pieces: twin rats[…]are engraving initials on a watch case.[…]No one is currently working on the tiny jewel-inlaid watch attached to a chatelaine – you could help.

Description summary:
The rest of the text varies with your Work Team quality.

Work TeamText
1"You've big mitts, 'aven't you? Hope you can be delicate with them." The Grizzled Gaffer fishes out a loupe for you. It's as big as his head. "Not sure why we even kept this[…] Good luck." Your efforts […] you have no need of luck. You have skill.
2The Masterly Machinist laughs. "Would have thought you'd be better suited for something needing a bit of oomph. But if you think you've got the knack..." The rat passes you a loupe. "Don't let me down." You swiftly justify his faith in you.
3"[…]Won't you need tweezers just to hold the cogs?" The Eager Engineer is not so much sceptical as curious. "Can you even see all the bits without pressing it right up to your face?"[…]you're fortunate to find a loupe[…]just as effective as any rat here.

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Rare Success

Like clockwork

[…]Twin rats (identically black and white dappled), are engraving[…]a commissioned full hunter watch[…]work team is a man – a rat – down[…]No one is currently working on the tiny jewel-inlaid watch[…]You step in – finding a loupe, and tools large enough to handle[…]

Description summary:
The last paragraph varies with your Work Team quality.

Work TeamLast paragraph
1"Taking the initiative." The Grizzled Gaffer nods approvingly. "Our pups could learn a little from you."
2The Masterly Machinist carries three different sized pairs of tweezers over to you, then rolls over a small pot of grease. […] You have no need of help. When he returns half an hour later, the jewelled watch is not only working, but polished.
3The Eager Engineer watches you for some minutes before commenting. "You're rather good. And there was me thinking I was going to have to intervene before you sent all the bits flying."

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The paws for the job

[…]No one is currently working on the tiny jewel-inlaid watch[…]so you give fixing it a go.[…]Not expecting a human worker, there is no loupe.[…]you cannot stop the spring from leaping out. Tiny cogs go flying, then missing.

Description summary:
The last paragraph varies with your Work Team quality.

Work TeamThird paragraph
1The Grizzled Gaffer raises his paw to his face and rubs his nose wearily. "It's no good volunteering if you can't—" He sighs. "Just... work on something else, will you? I'll get a pup to search for the missing parts."
2The Masterly Machinist fixes you with a long stare, then blows a whistle. If it sounds, it is too high for you to hear, but a small rat […] scurries over ("Yes boss?) to be assigned the task of finding the bits you lost ("Yes boss!).
3The Eager Engineer bursts out laughing – to be glared to silence by the Fore-Rat. The Engineer grimaces, then turns to you: "Just... don't do anything else. You're making me look bad."

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