Attar of Roses

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"And if you brush Goat-Demons with Attar, and Spices to disperse that Rosy Perfume throughout all the Air, their Strength shall wane." […] there's no reason that principles from an outdated treatise on demonic animal husbandry shouldn't […] apply […]

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Game Instructions: You are currently betting on the Number Circle to lose.

Unlocked with Hurlyburly 2–8, 3 x Attar

Card drawn in Adulterine Castle

Occurs with Standard Frequency

Can not be discarded except by effects clearing your hand.


Don't scatter Attar across the field
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with 3 x Attar


    Challenge information

    A matter of luck: The odds are against you here (success chance: 40%)



    • Correspondencestonesmall.png Hurlyburly is dropping… (-6-8 CP)
    • Rosesmall.png You've lost 3 x Attar
    • Ubergoatsmall.png The First and Second Circles are about evenly matched... (Sets Goat vs Goat to 100)


    Intrusive visions