Well-Placed Pawn

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Pawn TC.png
Category: Great Game (Notable Sources)
E(0.10) Well-Placed Pawn
E0.50 / 1 Final Breath
E0.50 / 1 Moves in the Great Game
E12.50 / 25 Vital Intelligence
E37.50 Copper Cipher Ring
E(312.50) Corresponding Sounder
E1,562.50 A Seat at the Board
5 Vienna Opening
50 Epaulette Mate
50 Queen Mate
125 Stalemate
125 Much-Needed Gap
E- Buttered Chess-Piece

The piece is nothing. The position is all.

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It cannot be bought or sold at The Echo Bazaar!.It can be purchased from Nightclaw's Paw-Brokers in The Rat Market, but cannot be sold there.

Buying 2 "I have eyes and ears everywhere... in the gutters, in the eaves. Some are even still attached!"

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