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Monastic ComprehensionDescription
0Godfall's shores remain clotted with wax. Not all the birds have been buried […] after the Second Sacristan's attack […] But the brothers are back in good spirits. […] Monks cheer and pray and curse their saint, then bless him and begin another pilgrimage.
7Monks revel along the shoreline, swilling wine. They toast the […] Naturalist's escape […] Between the fistfights and tipsy hymns, the Naturalist speaks to the […]Commander about the diving-bell. Would the brothers assist? With sufficient incentive, perhaps?
10[…] The brothers are still drinking. Some stumble into the water and start to wrestle. The Abbot-Commander serves as referee. But the […] Naturalist is busy elsewhere. He's unloading equipment from your ship […] When he's ready, the monks will join him.

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Unlocked with Associating with a Youthful Naturalist 560-565

Storylet appears in Aeschaven


Approach the Abbot-Commander
Provide sufficient incentive
Speak with the Youthful Naturalist
  •  Spoiler 
    Action Cost: 0
    Unlocked with Monastic Comprehension exactly 10



    Just a little further

    Success Instructions: Embark on a pilgrimage to enter the Shattered Citadel. Once you're inside, step away from the Pilgrim's Path by selecting 'Perhaps Not' during the pilgrimage. You'll find a spot in the surrounding caverns to commence the project.