Associating with a Youthful Naturalist

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Some academics are more radical than others.

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Unlocked with


1 - You are acquainted with the Youthful Naturalist
10 - You are acquainted with the Youthful Naturalist.
15-19 - Meet the Youthful Naturalist at the Medusa's Head
20-25 - Retrieve forbidden documents from Orchard House
30-37 - Analyse the Implacable Detective's research with the Youthful Naturalist
38 - Retrieve a Stone Tentacle-Key from Hunter's Keep
40-42 - Smuggle the Youthful Naturalist to the tomb-colonies
50-61 - Assist the Youthful Naturalist and his mentor with their research
70 - Return to the Dilmun Club to apply for funding
80-85 - Wait for the Dilmun Club to contact you again
90-91 - Set zail for the tomb-colonies to meet the Youthful Naturalist again
96-97 - Reunite with the Youthful Naturalist
100-120 - Zail to the Principles of Coral with the Youthful Naturalist
125-165 - Continue the Youthful Naturalist's research at Port Cecil
170 - Report to Orchard House on Ladybones Road
175 - Wait for the Dilmun Club to contact you again

Level Change Text[edit]

1 - You're chatting with the Youthful Naturalist.
10 - You've thrown the Youthful Naturalist overboard.
15-16 - The Youthful Naturalist has invited you to the Medusa's Head.
17 - Someone bellows. Apparently, that's how it sounds to lose a bet.
18 - A few drunks are throwing daggers at a dart-board.
19 - Splinters fly as a chair cracks over a debtor's head.
20 - Did the Youthful Naturalist just ask you to rob Orchard House?
22 - You're descending the staircase with His Amused Lordship.
23 - You're descending the staircase with the Bishop of St Fiacre's.
24 - You're descending the staircase with the Impacable Detective.
25 - You're descending the staircase.
30 - You've obtained the Implacable Detective's old research.
35 - The Youthful Naturalist is eager to help you analyse the file.
36 - You've collated the necessary research.
37 - Have you heard about this key before?
38 - The Youthful Naturalist has requested a Stone Tentacle-Key.
40 - It appears the Youthful Naturalist is on the run.
42 - You're not the only one with an Ambition around here.
50 - You've smuggled the Youthful Naturalist to the Tomb-Colonies.
51 - You've found the Youthful Naturalist's mentor.
52 - You're working with the Dusty Ornithologist.
53 - Your research is progressing.
55 - You have a testable hypothesis, and you have the tools to test it.
60 - The Dusty Ornithologist is setting out the bone-saws and scalpels.
61 - The Youthful Naturalist is washing off the blood – what little there is.
70 - You have much to report in London.
80 - You've given the Dilmun Club something to consider.
85 - It's time to present your research to the Dilmun Club.
90 - You've secured funding for the Youthful Naturalist.
91 - Just keep well ahead of that dark brig on the horizon...
96 - May the Newest go forth and deliver the News.
97 - You've delivered the news to the Youthful Naturalist.
100 - You have your next destination.
110 - En garde!
111 - The Youthful Naturalist is fighting to overturn the great tripod.
112 - The Fluke's Folly is starting to burn.
115 - Your vessel is gaining speed as you reach clearer waters.
120 - You've evaded the Prester's agents – for the moment.
125 - You've brought the Youthful Naturalist to Port Cecil.
130 - It's time to grease a few palms.
135 - With your maps and measures ready, the tide pools await...
140 - Click. Click. Click.
141 - You do not belong. You will never belong.
142 - You are not worthy. You will never be worthy.
143 - You don't remember. You don't want to remember.
145 - More science awaits!
150 - Let the procedure commence.
151 - You've opened a path through the human body.
165 - Click. Click. Click.
170 - What will His Grace have to say about this?
175 - Sometimes she is sibylline, but she is always discreet.