Bargain for the Curator to return with you

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From: Embattled with Curator Mr Veils

In keeping with the Order of Days, offer the Vake a more significant bargain: it may keep its life if it will come back with you to London.

Game Instructions: You may do this only when you have already destroyed the other two. Choosing this option will abandon some of your reward from the Department of Menace Eradication and earn you a different Treasure instead.

Unlocked with 1 x Ratwork Derringer, Remaining Incarnations of the Vake exactly 1, Parabolan Quarry exactly 1000 (Track Curator Veils, correctly prepared), Order of Days exactly 4, Willingness to Spare Some Aspect of the Vake 1 - 9



You make a simple offer: the Vake's life if it will come back to London […] You point the Derringer in its direction […]

[…] the Curator shrinks a little as it comes to stand beside you.



Description summary:
Your offer is simplicity itself: Curator Veils' alliance in London, or a swift death by Ratwork Derringer while it's fat and slow. Like many scared natural predators, it takes the path of least resistance. Because it's hungry.

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