Parabolan Hunting (Guide)

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Once the player has established their Parabolan Base-Camp, they have the opportunity to Track the Animals of Parabola.

Parabolan Quarries[edit]

A cheat sheet for hunting quarries via Track the Animals of Parabola:

Quarry Reward for defeat Reward for searching lair Ferocity Unlocked with
Seven-Throated Warbler Warbler.png 1 x Seven-Throated Warbler Hillmover.png 1 x Hillmover 6 automatically
Focused Albatross Albatross2.png 1 x Focused Albatross none 8 Harpoon.png 1 x Trophy
Storm-bird Albatross.png 1 x Storm-bird Nevercold brass.png 5 x Steel Ingot or
Birdie.png 1 x Contraption (rare) or
Shipbig.png 1 x Model Ship (rare)
14 Conflagration
Terror Bird Mirrormonster.png 1 x Direful Reflection Bone19.png 1 x Thorned Ribcage 20 Terrorbird irontoothed.png Iron-Toothed Terror Bird
Carnivorous Aurochs Black.png 1 x Memory of Discordance none 18 Auroch carnivorous.png Carnivorous Aurochs
Honey-Mazed Bear Honeymazedbear.png 1 x Honey-Mazed Bear none 16 Ealing Gardens +
Harpoon.png 30 x Trophy +
Bear.png Dangerous 200
Pinewood Shark Pinewoodshark.png 1 x Remains +
Bone10.png 2 x Fin Bones +
Ship.png 1 x Favours: The Docks +
Beartrap.png 6 x An Estimable Trophy
none 18 Capture the Honey-Mazed Bear +
Stalactite.png Parabolan Defences +
Bear.png Dangerous 203

Towards the end of Bagalegend.png Ambition: Bag a Legend! you will also need to track various incarnations of Mr Veils through Parabola. However, these are one time events that are pursued to advance the story.

Notable Qualities[edit]

Each time a Parabolan quarry is defeated, the player will gain Harpoon.png 1 x Dream-Trophies of Parabola. In addition, both the Honeymazedbear.png Honey-Mazed Bear and the Pinewoodshark.png Pinewood Shark give Beartrap.png 6 x An Estimable Trophy that is the key to raising Harpoon.png Defender of the Public Safety (although the bear only gives this when returned to Earling Gardens).

Sequence of actions[edit]

Upon starting a hunt, the player gets Lost in Strange Lands. They have to succeed on a hard Dangerous challenge to pick up the trail of their quarry. See the Tracking Difficulty-section below for details.

Succeeding on that challenge allows to choose how to proceed:

  • find the quarry's lair
  • trick the quarry into a chase
  • bait the quarry (only for the Albatross and the Bear!)
  • wound the quarry (only as a Monster-Hunter!)
  • abandon the hunt

Finding the quarry's lair will require succeeding on another challenge in Strange Lands (with the same difficulty as on the success before!). For select animals, finding the lair will allow the player to search it and find interesting items (see table) at the cost of not confronting the quarry.

Tricking the quarry requires Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares 5 and will instantly start the final confrontation.

Baiting the quarry will also force a confrontation, but at the cost of a few resources. No specific Nightmare-level is required and the Knife.png Ferocity of the quarry will be reduced by 5, making the confrontation notably easier.

Monster-Hunters can also wound the quarry at this stage already and significantly reduces its Knife.png Ferocity.

Abandoning the hunt while Lost in Strange Lands will raise the player's Mirror.png Glasswork-skill and gives a small chance of finding a Bone19.png Thorned Ribcage. Abandoning the hunt while considering your options does not have these perks but will instead only return the player to their Base-Camp. It is therefore not recommended to do this.

Details on the confrontation with the quarry are outlined below.

Tracking Difficulty[edit]

The difficulty of the hunt is indicated by the level of Knife.png Parabolan Ferocity set depending on the type of animal that is hunted. Tracking the quarry is performed via a Dangerous-challenge with a difficulty of

   180 + 20 * (Knife.png Parabolan Ferocity - Wake.png Parabolan Scouting)

While the Knife.png Ferocity is determined by the nature of the quarry, Wake.png Parabolan Scouting-quality can be raised in a number of ways. Doing so will (significantly) reduce the difficulty of the hunt.

Failing to navigate the terrain will automatically give Wake.png 2 x Parabolan Scouting, but also increase Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares. So even without actively reducing the difficulty of the hunt, the challenge will become gradually easier. (Note, however, that upon reaching Nightmares 8, a menace card will autofire!)

The possible options to actively lower the difficulty of the hunt include:

If the player plans to apply multiple means of decreasing the difficulty of the hunt, it is recommended to first use their Glasswork-knowledge, as the challenge on this option will otherwise become too difficult to succeed.


Once the player has found the lair of their quarry, tricked it, or set bait, they can confront their quarry. The possible options at this point are:

  • Fleeing (not recommended unless Sidebarwounds.png Wounds will reach 8 upon failing, which will trigger a menace card)
  • Ambushing the quarry: This will raise the player's Tentacle.png Monstrous Anatomy and will reduce the quarry's Knife.png Ferocity on success and give Sidebarwounds.png Wounds on failure.
  • Defeating the quarry (either capturing or killing it): gives the main reward of the hunt (see table) as well as notable qualities. Failure will allow a retry at the cost of Sidebarwounds.png Wounds.

Both fleeing and defeating the quarry will redirect the player back to their Parabolan Base-Camp.