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From: The Rewards of Ambition

You are the beloved Regent of London. It is time you enjoyed it.

Game Instructions: This will grant a mix of rewards and reduce your Scandal.

Unlocked with Newly-Cast Crown of the City of London


The Jewel of London

Life is very different now. […] London remakes you, better than you were.

Your opinions are noted […] one day, the city too might be remade according to your desires. […] The world spins as a coin in your palm – how it lands is yours to discover.


Description summary:
The last paragraph varies based on The Airs of London.[1] Wiki note: Numbers unaccounted for: 1 – 2, 17 – 37, 39, 59 – 61, 79 – 80

AirsLast Paragraph
3 - 16You are so glutted with letters from adoring fans, invitations and well-wishes that you are forced to hire a new secretary. Again.
38Another opening to attend. A restaurant? A hotel? You are getting very well practised with the scissors and red ribbons. Your smile, however, never needs work.
40 - 58An obligatory state banquet: these days the Palace has opened itself to some minor ceremonial functions at which you, of course, preside over in place of the Empress. Such a bore, but you do get to wear one of the lesser crowns.
62 - 78There are more ambassadors in London these days from the Surface. Rumour above is that at long last, London has an eligible royal again. Who is it this time? The Duke of Westphalia? The Countess of Savoy? So many possibilities...
81 - 99Your schedule is so clogged these days there's talk of investing in some Silverers to extend your hours in to dreams just to accommodate it all. Still, would you have it any other way?
100In a rare moment alone, you catch a reflection of yourself in your mirror. You are mantled in the costume suited to your new station. Do you recognise yourself?

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  1. Note: the text is based on the new Airs value, after it is randomized.