Creating works at Court

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This blog post is to help me articulate the wiki implications of recent game changes, to solicit feedback and advice from other wiki editors.


With the recent Return to Court, there are new options to create various artistic works. All the old works are still an option.

HOWEVER, there is an inconsistency as to how the wiki presents the old vs. new options of originally available works.


Mechanically speaking, all the storylets/options at Court have been replaced with almost exact duplicates. e.g.:

The same goes for all the options to raise Inspired..., e.g. The lead (though currently we haven't duplicated all of these storylets/options). They all look and behave the same, except for that unlock requirement.

And most importantly, there's a change to the conclusion, once enough Inspired... is collected to create the work. Obviously there are new categories of artistic works (e.g. film and fashion), but for the old types, there are the original works + new works available.

The wiki currently uses two different approaches:

  1. Duplicate the old storylet and all its options. e.g. Publish your song before and after.
  2. Just add the new options to the old storylet, e.g. Your symphony is complete!

Practical Changes[edit]

Even though, as stated above, the underlying mechanics are that all these storylets and options are duplicates (with different unlock requirements), in practice creating the old artistic works looks and behaves *almost* exactly the same as it used to. There's the same title, image, text, and most material rewards (including MW CP, etc.). The *only* differences are:


I believe that the wiki should document the player experience above all and be easy to parse and browse, even if not 100% aligned with the underlying game mechanics. Given the above, I think we shouldn't try to duplicate all these storylets and options, and instead consolidate. This means

  • A single storylet for completing each type of artistic work - no lock/unlock requirements based on the Restored quality.
  • For old artistic works, mention in the rewards the difference between before and after Banishment. (e.g. see my changes here: Somewhat challenging music)
  • For the new artistic works of an old type (e.g. Song), artificially add Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty as an unlock requirement for that branch (even though in practice it unlocks the entire storlyet in its newer version.