Gain and Loss of social qualities

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There are several qualities in the game for which you can have a value per specific characters.

For example, Offering to Aid a Wounded Friend can have different values for different characters to whom you've sent a help offer.

For the most part, we're using the {{Gain}}/{{Loss}} templates with extra explicit text to show changes to these, e.g.:

  • {{Gain|Loitering}} '''[[Loitering]]''' [friend] (+1)

Besides being redundantly repetitive, different pages format this somewhat differently.

Fortunately, most of these qualities are now categorized under Category:Social Qualities, thanks to User:Mikey_thinkin, so they are easier to find.


I've created two helper templates: {{Social Gain}}/{{Social Loss}}. Using them is simple:

  • {{Social Gain|Loitering}} --> Fogsmall.png Loitering [friend] (+1)
  • {{Social Gain|Loitering|you}} --> Fogsmall.png Loitering [you] (+1)

The actual formatting can be tweaked if we want, but once all such usages are converted, changing the format will be done once in these templates, to affect all pages with a consistent format.