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As you might have noticed, our Wiki's software has been upgraded. This was part of a wider change by FANDOM across many wiki communities. While the new software version is very welcome, there are apparently a few things that broke here and there (since we have lots of older template and module code).

I'm using this blog to try and consolidate reports and ideas to address such issues, since these won't be affecting a single page but the entire wiki. Please feel free to update this list directly with more information, and even to try and resolve issues if you can. It might be worth while to check out other more actively maintained wikis (with a larger community) and see if they've addressed similar issues.


  1. The best-in-slot calculator no longer shows on pages such as Persuasive Items
    Actually, it's all the calculators. See: Broad difficulty. This is even worse than the best-in-slot calculator, since we need the Broad/Narrow calculators to figure out challenge difficulty levels.


Main Page[edit]

  1. "Latest Activity" box is empty
  2. "Forum Activity" box shows HTML tag. Suggestion: remove this completely from the main page - no one has been using the wiki's old Forum for a long while.
  3. Pages which start with a collapsible list (e.g. Persuade His Amused Lordship) look really weird. Consider putting this collapsible list inside the Action template somehow - so it can be displayed after the Challenge Information, and before the action's Success results.


  1. Formatting of items in pages such as Persuasive Items looks weird now - no space between image and item name.
  2. When showing a collapsible category tree (e.g. Piece of Rostygold), where it says "click here to show them", the word "here" is now unformatted to show it's clickable.