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With the addition of the WHITSUN event, we were introduced to a wide variety of new items. Unlike other seasonal events, FBG have chosen to also create a new inventory section called "Whitsun" (analogous to Book, or Nostalgia), which holds various "not-equipable" items (and also some things which look and behave like qualities).

Traditionally, the wiki has organized event-specific equipable items under categories called "Christmas Items", "Election Items", etc. But we also needed a way to differentiate the new Companions/Hats etc. from the non-equipable Whitsun Items (e.g. Aged Egg, Untreated).

See discussion here.

In short, we've decided that the equipable items will be under Category:Whitsun Equipment, and the non-equipable items under Category:Whitsun Items (which is the parent category of the former). To maintain consistency in naming, I've changed accordingly the category names of the other seasonal events under Category:Seasonal Items.

All categories of the type "Event Equipment" are added automatically via Module:ItemList.

The new item class template {{Whitsun Items}} can be placed on item pages for those non-equipable items in the new Whitsun inventory section.