A second Announcement regarding Hurler puzzles

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Hi everybody,
Alan has just received an answer to his email enquiring about the possibility of adding the puzzle related content in the Hurlers. Unfortunately enough FBG have said that for now all content beyond the disclaimer may not be added.

Therefore this content is banned, starting now, under the same rules as Enigma related content, from inclusion in the wiki, until FBG decides otherwise.

Full copy of the email:

Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch on this one. We've had a chat - and our line is that we're happy for Hurlers to be recorded on the wiki except for the Discordance Studies sections (Seal gathering in the Adulterine Castle) beyond this point where you find this text on unlocking deeper DIscordance Studies with the Steward: "This will unlock deeper options to study the Discordance. It is not necessary to complete the Great Hellbound Railway. If you pursue these studies, you will lose points in many skills, beginning with Mithridacy. You will not always be warned. Progress may be expensive. Some puzzles will require thinking outside what the text directly instructs you to do. The Stewards of the Discordance would say: Do not do this."

So while the Courtyard & Hurly-burly is fine to record, we'd prefer to keep the methods of unlocking the seals and progressing with the Anchoress hidden for the moment

We may revisit this decision - but for now we think this preserves the intent of the designer,

Let me know if anything needs clarifying!

All the best, James Chew Failbetter Games