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Announcing changes to how Gain templates work
(created by Asarta on 19:09, 16 December 2021)
Update 30 December 2021

{{Increase}} and {{Item Gain}} now are wrappers for {{Gain}}, and editors are encouraged to only use {{Gain}} when creating new pages. At some point in the future a bot will replace all uses of {{Increase}} and {{Item Gain}}, after which they'll be deprecated.
Original […]
Proposal: Move the Guides section to the second sidebar slot
(created by Asarta on 16:08, 30 May 2021)
Currently the Guides section of the sidebar is the very bottom part of the "main" sidebar (the part we can easily control via Mediawiki:Sidebar. I'd like to propose to move it instead to the second slot, which is currently occupied by Stories, and as a result of that move the rest all down one […]
A second Announcement regarding Hurler puzzles
(created by Asarta on 12:46, 27 April 2021)
Hi everybody,
Alan has just received an answer to his email enquiring about the possibility of adding the puzzle related content in the Hurlers. Unfortunately enough FBG have said that for now all content beyond the disclaimer may not be added.
Therefore this content is banned, starting now, under […]
Announcement regarding Hurler puzzless
(created by Asarta on 15:42, 26 April 2021)
Recent Hurlers content includes puzzles which according to the starting description will require outside the box thinking.
After some discussion, and as a executive decision, this content is forbidden for inclusion until we hear back from FBG what their opinion is on its inclusion.

--Asarta (talk) […]
Module:Check for unknown parameters has been added to this wiki
(created by Asarta on 17:37, 7 April 2021)
Hey everyone!
As was requested a few weeks ago I've added Module:Check for unknown parameters to the wiki and added it to {{Item}}, {{Storylet}}, {{Card}} and {{Action}} (pending sysop action). This means that when you in future add a parameter to any of those templates that isn't defined in the […]
Profession Templates
(created by Asarta on 07:54, 13 September 2020)
First off those of you with a high Watchful probably have noticed that these Templates have already been implemented. That is indeed the case, but I suffered yesterday from the Treachery of Time and didn't have the time left to do this anymore.

After several discussions on Adnoam's Wall I've […]
Faction Templates
(created by Asarta on 14:56, 5 July 2020)
In the Beginning there was chaos, and this displeased the Judgments. So the Judgments created Templates to shape the Universe; and there was order in the Universe

(From the Book of Asarta, Chapter 1.1),


For the last few days I've been busy creating Faction Templates to finally […]