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I have plans to add a new pair of parameters to {{Item}} to denote items that cannot be obtained from regular gameplay. I would like some feedback from other Editors on whether this is worthwhile, the overall design, the details, and the wording.


Fate-locked items used to be clearly delineated on the Wiki, because the Item Sources category tree would say "no sources that aren't Fate-locked," and similar for the Item Uses tree. However, a Fate-locked item might still have a non-empty Source or Use category. If an item has both Source and Use categories, then the Fate parameter has no effect on the contents of the page. Fate-locked items still have a Category, but there's no indication in the article text that the item is Fate-locked. For an example, see Intrepid Deacon.

There are also other types of "restricted" items like seasonal rewards, access codes, Ambition rewards, and the somewhat-awkward category of "you could get this for free back in the day, and many players did, but if you want it now you have to pay Fate." It turns out it was easy enough to extend this, and I thought it might be useful.

Updates to {{Item}}[edit]

A new parameter named Access will add a line below the description describing the access conditions. This parameter is an enum, with variants described below. The displayed explanation is part of the template. If this parameter is not set, then nothing will display (but it will default to "Fate" if the Fate parameter is set).

A optional parameter named Access info will create a link to a page with more details. I'm imagining this pointing to a seasonal hub page or general guide, in case the Sources aren't clear on their own. See the examples section below for how it might work in practice.

Access Types[edit]

Currently, the values of Access that I've added to the template and written words for are as follows:

Was once free, currently Fate-locked
Items from access codes)

This list can easily be modified. Other restrictions I considered were Ambition, and something to denote irrevocable mutually-exclusive story choices like the Wandering Gondolier and Hell-Scarred Gondolier. Some of these parameters can also add categories which are currently done manually, e.g. Category:Retired.


Update: This change is now live.

I am taking the examples down from my Sandbox and this blog post, so that those non-article pages stop ending up in various item Categories. I am replacing them with links to the live item pages post-update.