Blood and Feathers

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Description summary:
The description changes as you advance the story.

350[…] the great flock […] has dispersed. But the rocky shore is littered with dead bats and birds. There are wounded monks on the ground, too […] The Abbot-Commander […] is tending to three brothers at once […] More monks are picking through bodies to find the living.
360-365A carrion stink rises from the shore. […] Monks are still searching the island for survivors. […] The Abbot-Commander is attempting to console his wounded brothers – with whisky, port, wine, sherry, anything that he can pour to numb their pain.

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Unlocked with Associating with a Youthful Naturalist 350-370

Storylet appears in Aeschaven


Consult the Abbot-Commander
Ask about the Youthful Naturalist
Ask about the Prester's Hand
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    Action Cost: 0
    Unlocked with Associating with a Youthful Naturalist exactly 365



    Interrogating the enemy

    Success Instructions: Return to the Pilgrim's Path to interrogate the Rowdy Corsair. You will find her between St Stalactite of the Broken Jaw and St Stalactite of the Halocline. With her knowledge of the enemy, you may still be able to rescue the Youthful Naturalist.

Help tend to the wounded monks