Buy tickets with Whispered Hints

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From: Buy tickets to the Carnival

Madame Shoshana is, you are assured, the Neath's most mystical fortune-teller. And it's positively uncanny how much she knows. Secrets are her business; whisper some in her ear and she'll reward you.

Unlocked with 40 x Whispered Hint

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


'I see good fortune in your future.'

Madame Shoshana is pleased with what you tell her. She glances at your palm as she hands you your tickets, and advises you to try your luck at lizard throwing.

Rare Success

'My dear, no one has ever told me that before!'

Madame Shoshana is delighted by the things you know. They will enable her to astound some of her regular clients with her prescience and accuracy. She presses some extra tickets into your hand. Possibly she smiles behind her silk veils.


These secrets are common currency.

Nevertheless, no secret is useless, and Madame Shoshana passes you a few tickets with one eye on her crystal ball. 'Oh,' she says, 'that's interesting.' But she refuses to elaborate further.