Cancel your appointments and investigate the ideogram

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From: A Glimpse of Something Larger

There's something familiar about that, too...

Game Instructions: If you fail, you'll lose your Glimpse of Something Larger.

Unlocked with Watchful 70, 2 x Correspondence Plaque, 1 x Glimpse of Something Larger

Challenge information

A matter of luck: Pretty good odds (success chance: 70%)


Going deeper

It's a clumsy combination of two Correspondence signs […] Your investigation shifts to the Surface poet […]

You're so sunk in your work that an invitation sits unopened on your desk for several days before the brass glint of the seal catches your eye.

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The perils of academia

The ideogram has the density of certain Mexican picture-scripts, but you can't find an example of it. […] During a vigorous research session your hair ignites into lilac flame. You save your head, but lose your notes in the fire.

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