Churchward: The Inquisition

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Description summary:
Description changes according to the Clerk's inspection, which advances A Church in the Wild.

A Church in the WildDescription
less than 50The Inconspicuous Clerk extends his arms. "The question that remains […] – and it is perhaps the most crucial point when it comes to considering the merits of a church – is that of faith." […] "I am more than qualified to determine this point."
at least 50The matter of the inspection is over. As far as the Bishop and his fellow inquisitors are concerned, the matter is closed. Perhaps they are correct.

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Unlocked with a redirect from Churchward: the Ambiance of the Church

Storylet appears in Burrow-Infra-Mump


Submit to the Inconspicuous Clerk's Inquisition (Churchward/Orthodoxy)
Submit to the Inconspicuous Clerk's Inquisition (Churchward/Iconoclasm)
Summon your Patron (Anglican Church to Church in the Wild)
Summon your Patron (Church in the Wild to Anglican church)
Bid farewell
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    Unlocked with A Church in the Wild 50



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