Collapse to the ground

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From: Space: Cracked and Shattered like Cheap Crockery Exposed to Too Much Heat

Seems like one of those times.


The comforting feel of cobblestones on face

The world has gone mercifully still, but your insides aren't done dancing. […]

Everyone around you – passers-by, urchins, the Empress' servants and hangers-on – looks a little green. […] it's not just you, then […] something has changed – but what?

Description summary:
An extra passage is added to the first paragraph if you have Discovered: a Non-Existent Block.

1The sensation reminds you of having your body wrenched back and forth when you were investigating a missing block. But in this case, it's more a sense of resistance, push rather than pull – addition, rather than subtraction.

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