Concede defeat (sparring)

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From: A Sparring Bout!

You lost the majority of the bouts. This is the only dignified option.

Unlocked with Sparring: Engaged in a Bout [friend's name], Sparring: The Current Bout 2

Locked with Sparring: A Lethal Twist, Sparring: Bouts Won 2

Your friend needs Sparring: Engaged in a Bout [your name], Sparring: The Current Bout 2, no Sparring: A Lethal Twist

When Sent

Well fought

You took your blows and dealt them theirs; but it wasn't enough. You can take solace in knowing that they can't celebrate victory too vigorously – they'll have recovering of their own to do.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

  • [Friend's name] has won the majority of your sparring bouts, making them the winner! Now it's time to enjoy a cup of tea. Try to not breathe so heavily; it's bad for your cracked rib.
  • You completed a Social Event: A Sparring Bout! with [friend's name]

Your friend will receive:

You have won the majority of bouts against [your name]. The victory in your sparring bouts belongs to you!