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From: Outside the Magistracy of the Evenlode

You have seen more of this place than most visitors.

Game Instructions: Success will grant Rumours of the Upper River.

Unlocked with A Day in the Life of a Novice Policeman 10

Challenge information

Broad, Watchful 250

  • 171 - very chancy (41%)
  • 213 - chancy (51%)
  • 255 - modest (61%)
  • 296 - very modest (71%)
  • 338 - low-risk (81%)
  • 380 - straightforward (91%)
  • 417 - straightforward (100%)


All Matters of Law

(see below)

Description summary:
The description varies with Airs of the Evenlode.

Airs of the EvenlodeDescription
1 - 2The long, potholed journey from London has clearly done nothing for the tempers of the two lawyers climbing down from the carriage. They are arguing the case already, with language that would never pass in a court room.
6 - 8It's the close of courts […]

The building empties of all but a few. That man found guilty of arson hasn't emerged […] Nor have the twins found guilty of contempt of court. And the 'private detective' who perverted the course of justice […]

11 - 14An unholy shrieking! […] But it is the tortured scream of metal, not murder. There is embarrassed relief all round, and that track layer is given a stern talking to re the appropriateness of using those methods in a populated area.
15 - 18Two tired-faced men […] stand considering the railway. A worker looks up from his work on a sleeper. His face flushes. He stands, rushes towards them, but stops yards away – it is only a mock charge. "Go! Shoo! […]" The figures turn and walk along […]
20 - 21The shout goes up. "Drownie! Get yer plugs in!" Railway workers shove wax in their ears. Police fetch barge poles, ready to encourage the drownie to move along.
25 - 29Fishers gather downriver of the Magistracy. When a novice […] begins to head upstream, they haul him to one side. It's not that […] he'll steal their fish […] (He is […] convinced by […] a portion of their catch.) You do not fish there. The currents run too deep.
31 - 33A carriage draws up outside the Magistracy. The doors are not unlocked until it is circled by a dozen Evenlode constables. Finally, the door is unlocked and a diminutive woman steps down. All this security, just for her? What crime did she commit?
35 - 38A lawyer is conducting a client meeting […] When the client asks why is must take place outdoors, the lawyer grimaces. "I don't like to spend longer in there than is absolutely necessary."

"Too many cops, is it?"

"Something like that." […]
42From their unfashionable attire, this pair must be from one of the more distant London suburbs. From the tone of their speech, they are on either side of a civil case. The magistrate is going to have their hands full.
45 - 49A gaggle of police roll out […] drunk. Either they finished their shifts hours ago, or they've been drinking neat gin. One bellows, half weeping: "The things we've seen. […] You don't know!" His fellow shushes him with, if anything, less discretion.
50 - 53A defendant is ushered from a carriage towards the entrance of the Magistracy of the Evenlode. They stop, and look up. And look up. To someone unused to the taller buildings of London, it must look grotesque – a giant's home, inhabited by ants.
56 - 58A shrill-voiced man is yelling […] a […] lawyer […] repeats her advice: "It is entirely legal. It's a power granted to certain members of the Constabulary. […]

[…] "My advice would be to accept it. The courts here have a remarkable way of preventing recidivism. […]

60 - 64There is a stand off between an usher and a railway worker. On the one hand, she is covered in grease, dirt and oil. On the other, why should only the nobs and the cops get to use the fancy toilets?
66 - 69A woman climbs out of the Evenlode. She wears a long coat and carries a lamp – it must have made clambering out awkward. She doesn't have the pallid tones of a drownie. Perhaps she just went for a refreshing dip.
70 - 72Disarray in the square! A London urchin has stolen shattered stone souvenirs from the more crumbled parts of the Magistracy building. Several portly police chase her towards the railway – she disappears into the kicked up dust cloud
76 - 79Two lawyers discuss their latest case. "I'm surprised your arguments were so weak. Are you well?" "I know, I know. I had to let you win – I saw the look in the judge's eye and... he's not a bad lad. Well, he doesn't deserve—" You are spotted. "That."
81 - 88On a bench by the river, a rail worker and a copper are sharing a picnic. They sit close, for the warmth. Both are ignoring the glares of their peers.
90 - 100A parade of legal students clamber off a carriage and make for the courts. They whisper excitedly – a day in court, no matter the case, is more exciting than any in the classroom.

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All Matters of Law

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