Consider the board from a more artistic angle

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From: A Game of Chess (Social Action)

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Your imagination may see you to victory.

Unlocked with Chess: A Partner them (1)

Locked with Chess: The Progress of your Match 2

Your friend needs Chess: The Progress of your Match at most 1, Chess: A Partner [you] (1)

When Sent

Variable title (see below)

Variable description (see below)

In Messages Tab

Your friend will receive:

Windowlightsmall.png [Friend's name] relied on their artistry to see them through the skirmish.

Redirects to: A Game of Chess (Social Action)

Challenge Results

Winner will receive:

Your chess match with [Loser] continues. The game has proven malleable as clay to you, and you have shaped it to your advantage!

Loser will receive:

Your chess match with [Winner] continues. Unfortunately, your attempts to sculpt the game have been as successful as a mason cutting marble with their hands. Your opponent got the better of you.

Variable Descriptions

The result text varies on your Identified with a School: level.

0 - (no school)A burgeoning aestheticYou'll try ruthless assaults, coy defences, moves made in a flash of inspiration. Your opponent will be confounded.
1 - NocturnalBroken traditionsThe rules of the chessboard are plain, but you can use them unexpectedly, force them to serve your stratagems. Your retreats advance your presence on the board; your advancements are defensive manoeuvres – designed to protect your King.
2 - BazaarineAlleys and back-routesYou can visualise the board as the city. London is full of strategic competition – it's seen in the way pedestrians and carriages interact; […]; in the yearly Mayoral Election[…]. If one knows the tricks of the city, they can apply them to chess.
3 - CelestialPatterned on the starsImages of a long absent night inspire you. The white stars in the black sky motivate you to form your own constellations on the board. […]. As long as your opponent doesn't understand your approach, the assault could be devastating.
100 - You reject all labelsUnconventionalYou will startle your opponent with the one thing they cannot prepare for: originality.